The video below shows the introduction and subsequent mating of female Kitani (13 years) and bull Sammy (10years). The pair had previously had one calf together. Kitani has always shown to be dominant over Sammy. Kitani’s calf had just been separated off, so the decision was made to introduce the pair again. They were housed next to each other for a few days before the gate was opened, the introduction was very quiet, some minor aggression is shown, but after a few hours had calmed down.

As with all occasions when we mix rhinos, we have keepers manning all gates in case we need to separate the rhinos. The keepers all have carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to use if necessary – the noise of the fire extinguishers distracts the rhinos especially if they are fighting.


The below video shows the introduction of male Magadi and female Manyara at Chester Zoo.

The video below shows the mixing of male Quinto and female Ruaha at Port Lympne. The pair mated two months later and produced a calf. The level of aggression shown in this video was not concerning and described as normal – it continued throughout the pair’s time together. The benefit of having a large paddock (nine acres)  can be seen as the animals have room to have space away from each other if they wanted.



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