In April 2014 (24th – 26th) a Black Rhino Husbandry workshop was held for members of the EEP.

Kindly hosted by Ree Park, Ebeltoft, the event was attended by 23 colleagues from 10 European collections: 8 collections who hold Black Rhinos and 2 who are are interested in joining this EEP.

A list of presentations follows. They can be downloaded by following the links given. For a summary of further discussion topics please click here.

Black Rhino Husbandry Workshop Participants,  Ree Park, Ebeltoft.

Black Rhino Husbandry Workshop Participants, Ree Park, Ebeltoft.

  1. Becca Biddle – EEP update – an update on the demographic and genetic details of the captive population and an introduction to the Best Practice Guidelines Document and Website (
  2. Becca Biddle – master planning for the Black rhino EEP – what are our goals for the next 100 years and how do we reach them? Also an overview of proposed and old transfer and breeding recommendations.
  3. Katie Edwards – reproductive hormone analysis in the Black rhino EEP population – Katie gave a brief summary of her results. View presentation here.
  4. Helen Massey – mixing rhinos – Helen talked through how Chester Zoo mix their rhinos and showed videos of some introductions – videos are available in the video section of this website. View presentation here.
  5. Paul Beer – mixing rhinos – Paul spoke through the process for introductions at Port Lympne and showed a video of Quinto and Ruaha being mixed – this also available on the website. View presentation here.
  6. Katie Edwards –  body condition scoring (BCS) – Katie described how this method is used and reiterated that it can provide an overview of animal health – links were found between reproductive success and BCS with female non-breeders being heavier (a BCS of 4.5). It would be useful for all collection to provide photos / videos of their animals annually so this can be assessed. View presentation here.
  7. Mia Mussen  – rhinos at Ebeltoft – Ebeltoft receive their first Black rhino in 2010. Mia gave us an overview of Ebeltoft’s rhinos and husbandry. Ebeltoft are doing a vaccination trial with cowpox vaccine and are also working on techniques on taking blood from ear. View presentation here.
  8. Lars Versteege – white rhino idiopathic haemorrhaging – Lars gave an overview of two cases. This has not been seen in Black rhinos.  Some collections with Black rhinos have noted congealed blood in nose occasionally but this has never been connected to any other further problems.
  9. Neil Bemment – Paignton’s rhinos – Neil gave us an overview of male Kingo’s foot problems and how these are dealt with. Also investigation work by Robert Hermes and Frank Goritz on female Sita. There are videos of this investigatory work on the website. View presentation here.
  10. Paul Beer – foot care – Paul gave us an overview of foot problems seen at Port Lympne and how these have been dealt with. View presentation here.
  11. Jesper Stagegaard – mixed species exhibits – Ebeltoft manage their rhinos in a mixed species savannah with zebra, ostrich, gnu, giraffe and other hoof stock. Jesper gave us an overview of how the rhinos react to this and their interactions with other species. View presentation here.
  12. Ross Snipp – from white to black? – Ross showed us the facilities at Flamingo Land that currently hold two male white rhinos. A discussion followed on what would be needed to convert these for Black rhinos instead as the Black rhino EEP is in urgent need of new holders. View presentation here.


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