The concentrate portion of the ration should be given in at least two feedings daily for better utilisation. When practical, a small feeding of hay should be encouraged prior to each concentrate feeding (Dierenfeld, 1996). Feeding can either occur at a fixed time and fixed feeding place, or hidden around the enclosure.

Food should be offered on a concrete pad / livestock troughs / hay racks or simply a pile in the corner. Sand impaction has previously been documented in rhinos; therefore, feeding directly on the ground is not recommended. To reduce competition for food if animals are kept together, individual feeding stations or adequate space at communal feeders is recommended (Dierenfeld, 1996).

If Black rhinos have any problem with eating, animals can sometimes be encouraged to consume less palatable forages if hays are soaked in water or sprinkled with molasses.

Apple sauce had proved to be helpful in administering unpalatable medications and / or supplements (Dierenfeld, 1996).

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